Automated Disease Detection

We develop software integrated within healthcare systems to help clinicians to diagnose diseases more quickly, no extra tests or scans required.

We cut the time for disease detection from years to weeks

Certain diseases can take several years to diagnose, yet the signs of the disease existed in the very first tests and scans.

We make use of these already-collected scans to detect the disease.

Improve patient safety

Reduced time to diagnosis for faster treatment and better patient outcomes

Alleviate healthcare system burden

Remove unnecessary hospital visits to specialists and unnecessary tests

Reduce associated economic costs

Restore quality of life and enable return to employment

We are a team of clinical and machine learning experts

Prof Jay Suntharalingam

Co-founder & Lead Physician. NHS consultant respiratory physician

Dr Jeff Clark

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr Andrew Cookson

Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Aaron Mir

Machine Learning Engineer

Nicholas Wiecek

Senior Software Engineer

Nicole Whippey

Regulatory Specialist and AI Researcher


Our Technology

Machine Learning

State of the art technology

Clinical Expertise

Integrated knowledge from clinical domain experts

Hospital Integration

Our tech automatically runs as clinical tests are being carried out, alerting the clinician to patients who may require further attention

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